iPhone Mockup without Photoshop

iPhone mockups are the perfect way to display your digital products! You can bring your app or website to life by showing it on a screen, instead of just a flat screenshot. The best part is that you can create mockups without photoshop, easily!

Here are the steps:

1. Take a screenshot of your website or app

2. Go to BoxShotKing and click 'Create Mockups'

3. Select a template from the 'iPhone' or 'Macbook' sections

4. In the left-hand toolbar click 'Background'

5. Now click my uploads and select your screenshot 

6. Click the image, then click the lock symbol in the top toolbar. This will allow you to adjust the handles on the sides of the image and make it the perfect fit. 

7. Click 'Finalize', then 'Render Mockup'

8. Download and post your graphics on social media, use them in product pitches, or insert them into marketing emails!