Common Graphic Mistakes (and how to Avoid them)

Graphics, although essential, can be challenging. It is no wonder that so few websites excel in this area; when a website does have amazing graphics, it immediately stands out. We have identified 5 of the most common graphic mistakes and how you can avoid them.

  1. The Graphics are Flat

Flat graphics rarely catch the viewer’s eyes and displaying your products in 2-D does not do them justice. It is much more compelling to give your products a “tangible” look. It can also help you demonstrate the product’s application.

  1. The Text is not Readable

The key to this is to keep text to a minimum. If you must use text, make it size 10+, ensure that the color contrasts with its background, and keep the font simple! Another tip is to use only 2-3 different fonts in one graphic.

  1. The Colors are not Working Together

For simplicity, use your brand colors in your graphics. Our favorite trick is to use a lighter and darker shade of one color; monochromatic colors are trendy right now!

This helpful website generates color palettes randomly or based on the colors you already have.

  1. Alignment is Off

Always use a grid to create your graphics and ensure that you are aligning the elements properly. It is worth it to take the extra time. Our eyes are excellent rulers, if something is off, other people will notice.

  1. There aren’t Enough Graphics

When it comes to graphics, more is usually more. Make them high quality, and don’t make them sparse on your website.