Best Hashtags to Increase Engagement

Hashtags are like powerups for your social media posts; it expands your content's audience, and increases your likelihood of going "viral". But posting random images with a pile or random hashtags will not get you the results you want. There must be a method to the social media madness- here is how you can get the most out of those little waffles #. 

Twitter Trending Topics: Twitter is a very unique social media platform. It is word-based rather than visual, and unless you are posting several times a day, your voice will easily get drowned out in your follower's feeds. The best way to combat this is to insert your voice into the trending topics. Check daily for topics that are relevant to you, or generic. Many more people will see these tweets and find your account as a result. Popular, generic topics to note are #MondayMotivation, #ThursdayThoughs, and #Wordle.

Best Hashtags for Instagram: We have three hacks when it comes to Instagram post hashtags.

1. See what other accounts like yours are using. After all, you are both trying to reach the same audience

2. Create your own unique hashtags and use them to consistently organize your posts' content. Invite your followers to participate by adding their own content into the categories by using the hashtags. This will help build up a loyal, active community.  

3. Use this website to get the trending hashtags on Instagram in the last 24 hours (DO search for specific categories relevant to you, and DON'T expect results from ones that already have 100,000s of uses, those are too saturated.)

4. Put your hashtags in the comments section if you don't want to clutter your caption with them. This may be helpful when starting out. 

Reels Hashtags: Reels are your best shot at going viral because of the algorithm that Instagram is pushing right now. Don't forget to put the hashtags that you use in your traditional posts in your reel captions. Additionally, use sounds that are trending that have a few hundred-thousand reels already, a lot of people find sounds that they like and watch all of the reels that use them.