Uses for 3-D Mockups

3-D mockups are a wonderful way to bring your 2-D projects to life and to share your vision with others. We have compiled a list of 9 ways to utilize 3-D mockups that will increase your professionalism and set your business apart. Box Shot King makes it easy and inexpensive; there are no longer any graphic design skills required. Not only are 3-D mockups useful to everyone, with Box Shot King they are now accessible to everyone.

  1. Level up your eBook Display

3-D mockups can make your eBook stand out in a web that is saturated with them. It adds a whole new level of professionalism that is likely to attract more readers.

  1. Get on your Podcast Game

Showing your podcast playing on a phone screen turns a simple image into a call to action. It speaks volumes compared to a flat graphic.

  1. Make your Mockup Products Shine

Every excellent product starts out as an idea. 3-D mockups of your ideas are an essential tool to show others your vision and build up some momentum. By turning your product into a mockup, you no longer must rely on the imagination of your viewer, you can demonstrate visually that the supplement will come in a bottle or that app will be used on a tablet.

  1. Put a Computer Inside of a Computer

Displaying your website inside of a 3-D computer screen graphic is a trick to bring a “tangible” look to your digital services.

  1. Enhance your Newsletter

Increase your email list by displaying your newsletter as a 3-D magazine on the signup form.

  1. Easily Show Bundles of Goods

Combine several 3-D graphics of your various products to display a bundle of goods on your website.

  1. Visualize Physical Products before Committing

Creating mockups can help you make an informed and confident decision on what to print physically. Seeing what you want on a screen beforehand will save you a lot of money overall.

  1. Show off your Product From all Angles

Display your packaging from the left, right, bottom, top, or all four to paint the whole picture!

  1. Get Attention on Social Media

It can be hard to create quality content and come up with posts for social media sometimes. 3-D graphics are a simple fix, use them to put out quality content and catch the eye of your followers.